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The Two Medicine Formation is a paleontological-site situated in northwestern Montana and southern Alberta. It is the setting of the episode "Little Das' Hunt".


During the cretaceous, the Two Medicine was an upland environment with a semi-arid climate. It also sat close to the Western Interior Seaway. Volcanoes were also present due to volcanic ash being found.

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The Two Medicine Formation was a mountainous-prairie dotted with various volcanoes: at least one of which was active. A small waterhole is known in the upper-elevations, where it seems to be quite rocky. The lowlands are more flat and smooth. Seismic-activity is frequent, and many geysers have been known to burst from the ground in the uplands.


The lower-areas were populated by Maiasaura and Einiosaurus who trekked through during the seasons. Daspletosaurus were also found here, and frequently liked to stalk the two herbivores whenever they're out in the open. The upland-areas were home to Orodromeus and Troodon. Quetzalcoatlus are found here too, making nests on volcanic-cliffs where predators can't touch them.


  • A part of the locale is known as Egg Mountain due to eggs of Troodon being found here.
  • The locations  Mesa Ranch, Nogal, New Mexico; Vista Rio Bonito, New Mexico; Bonito Lake Recreation Area, New Mexico; Lincoln National Forest, New Mexico; and Sequoia National Forest, California, were used to represent The Two Medicine Formation in Little Das' Hunt.
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