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Alpha is a female Saltasaurus, and one of the four central characters of Dinosaur Planet. In the final episode, "Alpha's Egg", the first fifteen years of her life is followed.

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About Dinosaur Planet[edit | edit source]

Dinosaur Planet is a four-part two night special nature documentary TV miniseries that aired on the Discovery Channel on December 14th and 16th of 2003. It received two Primetime Emmy Awards in 2004 for sound editing and mixing. It was hosted by known palaeontologist Scott Sampson and was narrated by famous actor Christian Slater. It follows four different dinosaurs, White Tip, a female Velociraptor, Pod, a male Pyroraptor, Little Das, a young male Daspletosaurus, and Alpha, a female Saltasaurus. Each of them have their own goal - and they must reach it.

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