Creature information
SpeciesS. loricatus
Time period80 million years ago (episode)
70 million years ago (real life)
Located inSouth America
Serial information
Appears in"Alpha's Egg"
Deaths causedDragonfly
One of the biggest dinosaurs alive. These titans are called Saltasaurus.
— Narrator, Alpha's Egg
Saltasaurus is a genus of titanosaurid sauropod dinosaur that lived 80-66 million years ago, during the Late Cretaceous period in the Mesozoic era. Alpha, who is a Saltasaurus, was the central character of Dinosaur Planet's fourth and final episode, Alpha's Egg.

In Dinosaur PlanetEdit

"Alpha's Egg"Edit

Saltasaurus is the main subject of the episode. The scene with the eggs drowning is a reenactment of what may have happened to the fossilized nests discovered in the Auca Mahuevo dig-site.


  • Saltasaurus is the first sauropod discovered to be armored.
  • They are re-used Titanosaur models from Pod's Travels but with different color schemes.


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