Pod's sisters were female Pyroraptors in Dinosaur Planet.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Pod's sisters both display varying shades of brown. One is a very dark brown, with a tannish-grey neck that ends in a rim of feathers colored like the main body. The other one is a light brown, with a darker brown the same shade as her sister's around her neck. The top of her head is the same color as her sister's neck.

History[edit | edit source]

They are first seen fallowing their brother in stalking a herd of Ampelosaurus. When a tremor arrives, all three take shelter at a hill, but Pod later leaves them to scout around. They seem to be younger than their brother as they obediently stay put when Pod found a dead Rhabdodon to eat, and only respond when Pod calls for them when two Tarascosaurus challenge him. The sisters comply and join him like loyal soldiers, but before they do battle, another tremor shows up, causing Pod to fall flat on his front and pass out, while the male Tarascosaurus trips on a root and breaks a leg. The female Tarascosaurus backs off, and the raptors attempted to finish off the male, but a stampede of Rhabdodon causes them to turn tail and run, all the way to a beach. Thankfully though the Rhabdodon leave them alone. When night falls, another tremor strikes, only this time it made the ocean recede farther from shore than normal, but comes back as a tsunami. All three Pyroraptor are caught in it and one of the sisters seems to have drowned but the other survives along with Pod who clung to a log, but by morning a Plesiosaur arrives and devours the other sister.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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