Creature information
Time period80 million years ago
Located inGobi Desert
Serial information
Appears in"White Tip's Journey"
Deaths causedNone

An unidentified Lizard was shown in the episode "White Tip's Journey".

In Dinosaur PlanetEdit

"episode 1"Edit

One lizard was seen being stalked by White Tip, but fled into a tangle of shrubbery where she tried to catch it, though White Tip eventually gives up after hearing an Oviraptor.

Later, White Tip comes across another lizard and tries to hunt it. During the hunt she trips down a dune into a Protoceratops nest while the lizard lives.

Another lizard was seen surveying from a log, but became restless and eventually runs away right before Broken Hand and his pack show up.


  • Likely bases for this lizard could be Priscagama, Mimeosaurus, Pleurodontagama, Anchaurosaurus or Xihaina.


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