Little Das' Sisters are the older siblings of Little Das and twins of each other. 

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

They are bigger than Das and thus slower, but smaller and faster than their mother. Since they are the same size as each other, they might be twins. They are the only one's to have distinctive colors while their mother and brother are both yellow; one sister is green, the other is a dark blue.

History[edit | edit source]

They first appear when Das corrals Buck and Blaze the juvenile Maiasaura to them, where they spring out and take over the chase while their brother follows from the sides. They manage to force both hadrosaurs to their mother, who bites Buck on the hip but Das ruins it by getting distracted and crashes into their mother, allowing Buck to break free and escape. The two sister scowl at their brother before walking away. They spend the night hungry.

The next day, they and their mother decide to trick Das to watch the Maiasaura herd and then ditch him to avoid another screw-up, but this didn't work as Das again ruins the hunt after chasing some Einiosaurus while looking for them. Their mother bites him on his muzzle while they growl at him.

Later, they and their mother lie in wait on another hunt, where Blaze almost runs into them but they let her go. They home in on Buck but he has taken shelter between two Einiosaurus and later a ring of them, where he is able to sneak off. The tyrannosaurs though were quick to notice and follow. Meanwhile the distant volcano begins to erupt. While following Buck, a dead Quetzalcoatlus crashes right in front of them, but after their brother sneeze's from the odor being produced they ignore it and continue following Buck in a relaxed-manner.

The volcano's ash cloud blocks out the sun and volcanic-glass begins to fall making visibility poor. The pack relies on their ears to find Buck. After the ash cloud lifts revealing the Maiasaura herd, Buck finally rejoins his herd only to collapse. The sisters were eager to eat, but they decide to gain back the energy they lost from the trek before feasting. But about a few hours later the east side of the erupting volcano collapses which creates a pyroclastic-flow. After their mother identifies the approaching flow as a threat she orders them to retreat. They are reluctant at first but they agree to leave Buck for dead to save themselves and their brother. Sadly though, the pyroclastic-flow catches up and after it swallows their mother, the sisters themselves meet their end while shrieking in pain, and their brother immediately follows.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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