As a hunter, Little Das is a little wet behind the ears. But he's determined to prove himself.
— The narrator describing Little Das' personality.

Little Das was a young male Daspletosaurus, and the central character of the third episode of Dinosaur Planet, titled Little Das' Hunt. He would constantly, though accidentally, mess up each of the hunts his sisters and mother went on to kill Buck, and they were all killed by a pyroclastic flow at the end of the episode.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Little Das is a mid-sized tyrannosaur, although his head was shaped more like a full-grown adult's, which isn't likely. Due to being the smallest and youngest of his family, he was seen as the fastest of the four. He's also the only male in the pack. He has a similar color scheme to his mother.

History[edit | edit source]

Das first makes his appearance right behind the juvenile Maiasaura Buck and Blaze, resulting in them fleeing with Das following. He then has his two older sisters takeover while he himself follows from the sidelines, corralling the hadrosaurs toward their mother who was their trap. While Blaze got away, Buck himself got caught by the mother. Das however, in his excitement, gets distracted and wounds up headbutting his mom causing her to release Buck, allowing him to escape (though not without suffering a big scar on his thigh). Das' mother and sisters scold him for his mishap as they stay hungry tonight.

The next day, they hunt the Maiasaura again. Despite yesterday's failure, the damage Das' mother inflicted on Buck was strong, and they know at some point it would take its toll. The mother and sisters however, didn't want Das to join this time, so they tricked him into monitoring the herd, and when Das looks behind him, they were gone. Das looks for them, but found a herd of Einiosaurus instead. Changing plans, he decides to bag one of the ceratopsians, chasing them all the way to the Maiasaura who become aware of the circumstances and also flee. Das fails to get an Einiosaurus and in doing so unknowingly messes up the family's hunt again, resulting in his mom punishing him by nipping his muzzle.

Later, after the hadrosaurs and ceratopsians have formed an alliance, Das, after being giving another chance to redeem himself, again attacks, aiming specifically for Buck. He manages to keep pace with Buck and two Einiosaurus, but the ceratopsians shielded the hadrosaur, then more Einiosaurus form a blockade around Buck, allowing him to sneak off, but Das eventually noticed and all four tyrannosaurs go after him, leaving the Einiosaurus. The family follow Buck in a relaxed manner as Buck no longer had energy to run anyway. En-route a Quetzalcoatlus crashes right in front of them dead startling Little Das. He move towards it and sniffs it, to check if it's edible, but is repulsed due to the stench the pterosaur was producing from having been engulfed by a geyser and sneezes. The family leave it and continue after Buck.

During the trek, the nearby volcano has erupted, unleashing its cloud of ash to smother the landscape and volcanic glass and soot begins falling, rendering visibility almost useless. Little Das and co resort to listening for Buck. Eventually part of the ash cloud briefly lifted, allowing sunlight to shine through, and they manage to find him. While Buck finally does collapse from his wound, the family stop and gain some energy they had lost on the trek before going for the kill. However some time later Das' mother, taking notice of a approaching pyroclastic-flow that was caused by the collapsing of the east side of the erupting volcano, decides to abort the hunt to save herself and her family. Das and his sisters agree and follow her. Little Das himself, since he was the fastest, gained the most distance from the volcano but even he couldn't outrun the incoming pyroclastic-flow and was the last one to be caught and killed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He's the last main character to be a carnivore. He's also the only main character to die.
  • He's not introduced properly until 9 minutes into the episode making him the only main character to not be introduced at the start of the episode (not counting the intro).
  • He gets the least amount of screen time of all the Dinosaur Planet main characters.
  • He's the last main character to be male.
  • He's the only main character to be a juvenile, and the only main character to be a tyrannosaur.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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