Creature information
SpeciesI. dispar
Time period80 million years ago
Located inHateg Island
Serial information
Appears in"Pod's Travels"
Deaths causedNone

Ichthyornis is a genus of bird within the clade Ichthyornithes during the Turonian through Campanian ages, about 95–83.5 million years ago. The species appears in the documentary Dinosaur Planet.

In Dinosaur PlanetEdit

Pod's TravelsEdit

An Ichthyornis first appears attempting to scavenge a sleeping Pyroraptor known as Pod while he was floating on a log in the middle of the ocean. It was scared off when said Pyroraptor woke up to see the Ichthyornis right in front of his face, beak open and the teeth inside it's beak showing. Later when Pod washes ashore unconscious a flock of Ichthyornis attempt to scavenge him, but a pack of Dwarf Dromaeosaurs chase them away. Days later Pod is roaming the beach and spots another flock on the log and begins to stalk them, only for them to spot him and fly off.


  • Ichthyornis didn't live in Europe, but in a sea that dissected North America at the time. Ironically its place in the timeline was correct: there just hasn't been any European-bird discovered to have lived eighty-million-years ago yet (all known late-cretaceous European birds that are known come from a later date).


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