The Gobi Desert is a vast desert located in central-Asia. It is the setting of the episode "White Tip's Journey".


Then as it is now, the Gobi remained a desert, the only difference is perhaps the seasons (today the desert gets snow during the winter, but this may not have happened in the Cretaceous).

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Mostly the same as in the present, the Gobi is covered in sand dunes as far as the eye can see. A few bushes, shrubbery and other vegetation can be found, and at least one small stream exists.


During the cretaceous, the desert was infested with dinosaurs of many different types: the marginocephalians Protoceratops and Prenocephale are examples of herbivores, while carnivores are comprised of Velociraptor, the omnivorous Oviraptor and the mostly insectivorous Shuvuuia. An Unidentified Lizard and beetle species are also known here.


  • It is presumed the section of desert shown on-screen is the Djadochta Formation due to the dinosaurs shown being from there.

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