Dwarf Tarascosaurs
Dwarf Tarascosaur
Creature information
Time period80 million years ago
Located inHateg Island
Serial information
Appears in"Pod's Travels"
Deaths causedTwo Magyarosaurus

Dwarf Tarascosaurs are smaller abelisaur relatives of the Tarascosaurus on mainland Southern Europe. They appear as antagonists in Dinosaur Planet during the episode "Pod's Travels", as the apex predators of Hateg Island.

In Dinosaur PlanetEdit

"Pod's Travels"Edit

On Hateg Island, a pair of dwarf Taracscosaurs are seen hunting a Magyarosaurus herd, successfully killing a slower individual. A trio of these dwarves later appear feeding on another Magyarosaurus. Pod approaches the group, and the male sees him and attempts to scare him away. Pod attacks and kills the Tarascosaur, scaring off the females and leaving the carcasses to Pod.


  • There is no evidence this creature ever existed.
  • If this dwarf species did exist, it wouldn't be the top predator, as the pterosaur Hatzegopteryx is currently thought to have occupied this niche (though it had only been named while Dinosaur Planet was midway through production).


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