The Dwarf dromaeosaur, also known as the mini raptors by the narrator, are dwarf maniraptorans that appear in Pod's Travels. The Dwarf dromaeosaur's lifestyle seems to be exactly like that of Pyroraptor, although it is shown to be much more aggressive, possibly due to their smaller size as an effect of more limited food supply in Hațeg Island, where they are shown living.

In Dinosaur PlanetEdit

Pod's TravelsEdit

The dwarf dromaeosaurs first appear on a beach, scaring off a flock of Ichthyornis from the unconscious Pod. Before they could eat him, a pack of Allodaposuchus attempted to steal the carcass. Once Pod wakes up he accidentally manages to scare everything else away. Pod later encounters the pack again and attempts to join them, however they once again flee from him due to his much larger size. The pack are last seen hunting a dwarf Rhabdodon, with Pod choosing not to join the hunt.


  • In 2019, palaeontologist Scott Sampson, who was the Palaeontology Segment host for Dinosaur Planet, confirmed that the dwarf species living on Hațeg Island in the episode were based on as of then undescribed species of dinosaur, meaning that the mini raptors are representative of some genus. However, the exact genus is unknown.