Dragonfly's Sisters are the siblings of Dragonfly.


Like their mother, both sisters are a bright purplish-hue regardless of age.


Alpha's EggEdit

They're first seen as infants with their brother while their mother towers over them protectively, and greeting their father.

Later on, they take part in a hunt, and feed on the various baby Saltasaurus, they themselves also appeared to be fighting over some meat they acquired before leaving with their parents.

A few years later, they are then seen as adolescents and together with their family attempt to eat a Saltasaurus, but were unsuccessful. Later when they tried to find an easier meal, they hear the cries of agony of an injured Saltasaurus. During feeding one of the sisters got bumped in the hip by Dragonfly, prompting their father to berate Dragonfly for it before resume eating. They were last seen sleeping with their family.


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