Dragonfly's Mother is a female Aucasaurus and the mate of Dragonfly's Father and mother of Dragonfly.


Due to being a female, she is a light-purplish color.


She and her mate are presumably seen stalking the mother Saltasaurus and killing Alpha's Mother.

Her first confirmed appearance was when she was standing over her young when her husband arrived, though she was hostile toward him until he displays his throat-marking. Later she was seen taking a nap.

She then was seen with her mate bringing their young on the hunt, and while engaging the Saltasaurus, she was the first to hear Dragonfly's call about the baby Saltasaurus right behind them, and promptly devoured several of them.

Many years later, she and her hunt the Saltasaurus again, but none could be beaten. While searching for an easier meal, they hear the cries of agony from the wounded Saltasaurus, and when arriving, put it out of its misery. She was last seen sleeping with her family.


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