Dragonfly's father is an Aucasaur that appears in the episode "Alpha's Egg". He is seen as one of the secondary antagonists after his son, Dragonfly. He also is the Aucasaur that presumably kills Alpha's mother.


As a male, he is an orange animal with reddish hue on his head and a brightly-colored throat.


An Aucasaurus resembling him was seen stalking Alpha's mother and possibly killing her.

His first confirmed appearance is when he pays his wife and children a visit, though his wife was hostile until he displays his throat-markings. Later, he and his wife bring their children on a hunt, stalking some Saltasaurus and devouring several baby ones.

Many years later, he and his family tried to attack the Saltasaurus again without success. When looking for an easier meal, they hear the cries of a Saltasaurus in pain and promptly follow it to an injured Saltasaurus stuck on it's side, whome they then eat. During the feeding he berates his son for bumping his sister. He was last seen sleeping with his family.


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