Daspletosaurus is a genus of dinosaur that lived approximately 78 to 74 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous period.

In Dinosaur PlanetEdit

Little Das' HuntEdit

A family of Daspletosaurus are first seen hunting a herd of Miasaura. One individual known as Little Das chases two individuals known as Buck and Blaze from the herd and sent into an ambush, where his mother injures Buck before being run into by Little Das, causing her to release the Miasaura. They later attempt to hunt Buck again, this time leaving Das in a grove of trees. He then startles a herd of Einiosaurus, which intercepts the hunt in their panic and cause Buck to get away again. With the herds now traveling together, the Daspletosaurus attempt to separate Buck, but the best Lil' Das can do is deliver him and in between a pair of Einiosaurus. The Einiosaurus are able to get into a defensive circle, allowing Buck to escape. The Daspletosaurus family eventually get around them and continue the hunt, having a dead Quetzalcoatlus land in front of them along the way. The family approaches the herd as a field of volcanic ash from a nearby erupting volcano causes total darkness and covers the ground. A pyroclastic flow suddenly bursts from the volcano, and while the family attempts to get away, they are engulfed in the debris and killed.