Towering above them: a skyline of titanosaurs, Europe's foremost vegetarians.
— The narrator introducing the titanosaurs
Creature information
SpeciesA. atacis
Time period80 million years ago
Located inSouthern Europe
Serial information
Appears in"Pod's Travels"
Deaths causedNone

Ampelosaurus is a titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur hailing from the Late Cretaceous Period of what is now Europe. Its type species is A. atacis, named by Le Loeuff in 1995. A possible unnamed species has given Ampelosaurus an age reaching to the latest Cretaceous.

Like most sauropods, it would have had a long neck and tail but it also carried armor in the form of osteoderms. Over 500 bones have been assigned to Ampelosaurus and all but the braincase (assigned to A. sp.) has been assigned to A. atacis. A. atacis is known from a few, well-preserved teeth and some cranial material.

In Dinosaur PlanetEdit

"Pod's Travels"Edit

In the documentary, herds of titanosaurs (presumably Ampelosaurus) appear in the early parts of "Pod's Travels". In the beginning scene, a large herd of them are shown moving along the beaches of Southern Europe, while being followed in behind by two Tarascosaurus. Pod and his sisters are first seen walking by a grazing herd of titanosaurs, and observe them for a short while as well. The titanosaurs are described as being five tons in weight by the narrator; "roughly the same as a jumbo elephant". They do not appear after the tsunami.

Miniature versions of them appear on Hateg Island, known as Magyarosaurus.

Errors Edit

  • The neck of the titanosaur be able to bend its neck far better then what is possible for the real world creature to do.
  • If the titanosaurs in this episode are in fact Ampelosaurus then they should possess spikes on their back.

Trivia Edit

  • The titanosaurs use the same model as that of the Saltasaurus from "Alpha's Egg", just with different color palettes.

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