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Bloody Allodaposuchus.png
Creature information
SpeciesA. precedens
A. palustris
A. hulki
Time period80 million years ago
Located inSouthern Europe
Hateg Island
Serial information
Appears in"Pod's Travels"
Deaths causedA male dwarf Rhabdodon
Terrestrial crocodiles are a whole new ball game. Allodaposuchus, a long name for a predator short on brains, but totally fearless in battle.
— The narrator, introduces Allodaposuchus

Allodaposuchus is a crocodylomorph from southern Europe during the Campanian and Maastrichtian of the Cretaceous period. Groups of them play as antagonists in Dinosaur Planet.

In Dinosaur Planet[]

"Pod's Travels"[]

Allodaposuchus are first seen on a beach, attempting to take the carcass of a Pyroraptor from a pack of Dwarf Dromaeosaurs, but are scared off when the Pyroraptor turns out to still be alive and gets back up.

They later appear to scavenge a dying Rhabdodon, but before they can eat much Pod makes a reappearance, taking the carcass and eating from it. The crocodiles try and return for leftovers while Pod is asleep, but a pack of Dwarf Troodonts appear and attempt to fight for the carcass. The crocodilians manage to chase off the troodonts, but the noise inadvertedly wakes up Pod, who forces them to abandon the carcass for good.


  • Allodaposuchus are known to look closer to modern alligators than notosuchians.
  • Allodaposuchus, along with every other creature in the episode except Tarascosaurus and Ichthyornis, is actually younger chronologically (the related Massaliasuchus would've been more accurate).


  • Their models are re-used for the Notosuchus in Alpha's Egg.